Naini is the name of your personal medical account which allows you to manage your appointments, consultations, diagnosed diseases with medical records history online. A user can register free of cost and keep the medical account (Naini) to book appointments, track history of OPD, IPD, diseases, consulted doctors with uploaded medical records, pay the bill and many more. Get started by making your medical account today to explore NAINI.


COMO is smooth and manageable online software designed for doctors, clinic and hospitals to improve their visibility in the digital world and provides online appointment facilities to the patient to access your information and appointment slot from anywhere and anytime. In Como, we provide the facility to manage patients digitally online. COMO, medical software is dedicated to handling a wide range of activities such as tracking patient information, patients history, scheduling patients appointments, reducing no shows, managing provider’s detail at the online, managing bills and many more.

Doctori Duniya

DoctoriDuniya is a digital platform that mediates requirements, information, data, communications and payments between patients and doctors, clinics & hospitals. With the help of IT technology, DoctoriDuniya builds new solutions for patients and providers (doctors, clinics & hospitals).

The aim of DoctoriDuniya is to provide a digital platform that helps patients to search specialist doctors, view fees, degree, experience, feedbacks, compare them and conveniently book an online appointment. DoctoriDuniya provides an innovative online digital platform to doctors, clinics and hospitals that give access to a larger pool of patients and add value to their medical practice.

Waist Trainer Workout Belt – goSweatZone

It is the easiest way of reducing abdominal tone; create a good body shape, and a flat belly. Some people will opt for a slimming diet, while others choose to use a trimmer belt. The best waist trainer workout belt is also ideal for burning calories in addition to trimming your belly. This neoprene belt increases the heart rate during any exercise and improves sweating for optimal weight loss.

Lumbar canal stenosis surgery

Lumbar canal stenosis surgery is performed in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis os canal stenosis. In this problem, the lumbar nerves come under pressure and this causes pan and numbness in legs on walking.

Lumbar schwannoma surgery- Minimally invasive spine surgery

Lumbar schwannoma surgery is a surgery to remove the benign spinal tumours from the lumbar spine using a minimally invasive spine surgery or endoscopic spine surgery technique.

Microdiscectomy- L5S1 disc prolapse

Microdiscectomy for L5S1 disc prolapse is a disc herniation removal surgery using an endoscopic or a microscopic technique. The surgery is carried out when the herniated disc fragment is causing lots of pain in leg, weakness in leg, loss of sensation or loss of urinary control.

Waist Trimmer Belt – goSweatZone

If you have tried to lose weight in the past, then you fully understand what is required. You must adhere to a strict diet and nutritional plan, exercise regularly for extended periods of time, and once you have those two down pat, supplements and workout additives can be brought into the mix. One of the most popular, though less commonly used workout additives, is the waist trimmer belt. This is usually made out of neoprene and is made to be strapped around the midsection of the body. The top waist trimmer belts are available at goSweatZone.

Best Hospital for Squint Surgery in Coimbatore

The Eye Foundation is the best hospital for squint surgery in Coimbatore. With expert professional and advanced technology The Eye Foundation delivers the best treatment for squint surgery. To know more