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People plan for holidays, outings, travel spots and vacations as the festival seasons start following one after the other each year. The first thing people look out when it comes to staying out of their homes is luxury hotels. Luxury hotels have come a long way. From being the only grand hotel to multi-channel hotel chains, one runs out of count, as there has been mammoth growth in the Luxury Hotel market around the world. The Luxury hotel market is benefiting, in particular, from the regular short break habit adopted by UK consumers as a way of life. While the budget chain sector is increasingly dominant that also creates opportunities for other tiers and branded concepts as well as unique, independent establishments. The threat from 'industry disruptors' like Airbnb is growing but this should be welcomed by hoteliers as an incentive to raise their game, competing not only on price but on the services and experiences that make a hotel stay different.

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