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Transactional Analysis or TA is a social psychology that assists a person to better comprehend themselves and other individuals. It permits deal with the relationship issues in a powerful way, analyze personal strength points and restrictions to lead a more joyful, significant and fruitful existence with no sadness and tension. Today numerous individuals are utilizing this psychology to accomplish their personal and professional development, keep up their passion, and guarantee marvelous development in all parts of life. Individuals crosswise over counseling, organization, educational, and psychotherapy fields are learning this psychology for their lives growth.


Anna Chandy conducts TA 101 course to give the realistic outline of a few concepts as well as principles of transactional analysis. A trainee can learn TA principles and actualize them in their own conduct, communicational way, and nature rolling out the essential improvements. Anna utilizes the entire special way to deal with TA 101 and has been seen to be transformative for some.


Ta 101 Course is a decent selection for anybody keen on TA as a strategy for comprehending communication pattern, individual life patterns, and games people play. The course is a correct decision for individuals who might need to utilize transactional analysis in their personal or professional life. Other than this, a person who is keen on turning into the transactional analysis psychotherapist or advisors can likewise become the member in this course.


The format of TA 101 course merges the theoretical input on the critical concepts of transactional analysis with experiential activities which will give participants the astonishing chance to apply these significant ideas to circumstances in their own particular genuine living. To put it plainly, this course is an official prologue to TA and is likewise viewed as essential for additionally preparing as organizational or educational practitioner, TA psychotherapist/ counselor.


The main purpose is to provide the right and reliable information about transactional analysis concepts. A client can speak successfully, better strategize in their working environment, proficiently manage their own relationship, and take a gander at life journey.


Aside from this intuitive course, TA workshop is likewise given to individuals. Anna Chandy and her co-coaches take participants through TA standards in an interactive as well as cooperative environment in which members are inspired to challenge, question, and reach at impedances for themselves. This training is exceedingly vital for the experts working in the counseling sector, individuals battling on accomplishing the international certifications and individuals enthusiastically spending in their personal success.

Anna is turning into the assistance for some, individuals having their personal and professional issues, discovering trouble in achieving their final destination, and looking for somebody's help to lead a charming and calm life.

Learn the Concepts of Transactional Analysis through TA 101 Course


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